Top 11 New Wedding Trends to Watch

Wedding Trends to Watch

Weddings are the best movement of anyone’s life where two individuals, pledge to be together forever. Wedding trends may come and go, but we’ve got a pretty everlasting love for these wedding trends. Thanks to fresh industry trends who help them make their day more special as well as to the creative couples who go their way, they are always changing. Weddings are increasingly becoming more personalized and brides-to-be are modern. They are not simply following trends but are freely expressing themselves and their personalities through their outfits, makeup, and jewellery. Here are the new wedding trends that are watched.

1. Return to Classic

To kick things off, we can thank our friends across the pond for the return to classic. From classic designs and simple styles of wedding dresses to other traditional elements, like having the wedding party in black, it will be so exciting to see that plenty of couples are adding additional lovely and unchanged parts on their massive day.

2. Low flowers

OTT flower walls are out and more subtle arrangements in with couples opting for low floral displays for both the aisle and tables. Similarly, wildflowers and boho-inspired arrangements are growing in popularity in the wake of the royal wedding.

3. All-Out Invites

The bigger and more unique the better—whether it’s boxed correspondence or a video message from the to-be-weds, invitations set the stage for an epic party. Typography is leading the charge as the chicest design detail, and illustrations of non-traditional venues continue to trend.

4. Engagement Rings

Cluster engagement rings most often feature a central stone that’s a bit larger surrounded by a number of smaller stones, like this ring by Trumpet & Horn. If coloured stones are more your style, a cluster ring is also an opportunity to combine diamonds with something else. Whether you opt for diamonds or a combination, cluster engagement rings are a wonderful way to make a classic statement, which is why we think they will continue to grow in popularity!

5. A Band and a DJ

The best thing about weddings that we all get entertained by others like music or dancing at the wedding. For entertainment purposes, you can invite a band or a DJ to put add more diamonds on the ring. Tap a DJ to spin your favourite hits with the added benefit of a live guitarist or saxophone player. You get the simplest of each world: original artists and high-energy accompaniment.

6. Wearable Flowers

Brides nowadays amaze us with their creativeness, particularly within the accessories sector. We’re seeing more and more couples embrace living hair accessories, wraps, arm cuffs. If you’re having a summer wedding and want to achieve that layered look without the ahem inappropriate attire for the season, take a cue from the fashionistas and let your guests be wowed by these subtle statement pieces. Live floral jewellery is supplementing (or even replacing) customary bouquets. Think attractive bib necklaces choked with recent blooms, succulent rings and cuffs, and chic orchidaceous plant drop earrings. This living jewellery makes a unique style statement.

7. Bringing Outdoors In and Indoors Outside

This trend title is a little bit of a tongue twister but it is definitely hot off the press. Couples will bring the outdoors inside with the classic bombard of greenery. However, we are also seeing brides incorporate more organic looking foliage. One thing that attracts people is grass. It definitely brings a bohemian aesthetic, but also they can look romantic when used to decorate arches and aisles. If bringing the outdoors inside to your ceremony and reception venue is a must-have on your list, be sure to check-out Forever Bride’s florist vendors. Everyone can agree that there’s nothing homier than a cosy and comfy worn-in couch or velvet chair, so if you find yourself throwing an outdoor bash, think about incorporating typical indoor pieces outside.

8. Themes and Vibes

There are various themes that can go with the wedding. let us take an example like a velvet theme – all velvet. Ahh velvet, our love language. There may be no greater way to elevate a scene than by incorporating this rich, plush texture that comes in every colour under the rainbow. While we’ve seen velvet linens on the rise for a while, it’s making a comeback in fashion too. We’re even starting to see embossed velvet in invitation suites or as a modern twist on day-of-paper goods, and we are here for it!

Wedding colours still have an area in ornament designing, however, the concept of getting a complete wedding theme or “vibe” is beginning to upstage the essential colour palette. Instead of a colour scheme, a favourite book or TV show may dictate the look of the day (Game of Thrones lovers rejoice), while a feeling could prevail (retro or a high-energy dance party, anyone?).

9. Statement cake

Wedding cakes are here to stay, but the look of them is evolving. Sculptural is the name of the game, with bakers opting for unexpected shapes and varying sized tiers—so much so it’s hard to tell they’re wedding cakes! Many are being finished with stunning designs rich in colour and texture. Over the years wedding dessert seems to make the new trends list in some shape or form, and this year is no different. However, I’m seeing some over-the-top wedding cakes and I’m here for it! From metallic touches to different textures like rippling icing and sugar flowers, to huge cakes that are unexpected shapes and colours, statement wedding cakes are totally in.

10. Personalized Notes

Couples are now handwriting notes to guests themselves (or having them calligraphed). Then they leave them for guests when they pick up their escort card or at each place setting in instead of a traditional place card or favour. While the personalized note should not be used to replace a thank you card after your wedding, it does offer a great opportunity to make your guests feel special. Just take a look at this gorgeous one shared from Brides.

11. Smoke Bomb Exits

Sure, we always love a good sparkler exit, but the new send-off is a riot of colour: smoke bombs. These fun props leave a cloud of dreamy pigment in their wake, which makes for nonnatural photos. Match the smoke to your wedding hues or select a standout rainbow backcloth. The only caveat: This farewell is best captured throughout the daytime.

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