How you change the username & password for Xfinity router?

Xfinity Router

Before coming to the main topic of how to change username and password of THE Xfinity router lets first discuss what Xfinity router is.

So basically a cable electronic equipment router is a device that can function in both ways, that are, as a modem and also a router. It means that it can be used as only one tool to be utilized as your basic home network which is wireless. So, routers are basically known as being similar to mobile hotspots that can share an internet connection which is cellular with other Wi-Fi clients in the market.

Generally, most of the mobile networks only work with mobile service brands.

Long before the concept of home networking went viral, routers were only seen in the corners of big companies and facilities only. Each and every one of those cost several thousand bucks and they need a very trained and specialized technical person for maintenance and to line them up. Most of the prominent and most used routers were working in only this way. However, these routers had the power and capability to manage several terabytes of information that was flowing in between the internet companies.

Basic features and benefits of these routers :

● You are able to install the gateway all by yourself without the help of an outsider. It is pretty simple.
● The LAN expertise xFi can only be unlocked by the xFi entree. You have to stop the LAN access and then set a limit to your family’s LAN usage.
● After renting an xFi entrée, you can get a fully automatic update of security which will help you to keep the information safe. And it’s totally free. In this way, you can also add very updated security options to generate state of the art protection for the total information that your server carries.
● You will also have Wi-Fi with speed and also automatic device updates.
● The setup is very easy, you can have 24*7 support and also online security which will be enclosed.
● In today’s time, the xFi is offering you the latest kind of protection that searches for potentially dangerous network activity and also protects you from malware.

How to change the username and the password?

The gateway of your Xfinity router will come with a default name and password for your router. If there are some issues and you don’t have the default username and password when using the below option you can retrieve the default LAN network name and password. In order to access the LAN data and change the username and password, please follow the below steps.

1. First, you will have to open the website of Xfinity. You can do it by searching for Xfinity in the browser.
2. After that, you have to log into that my account on that website or page.
3. In case you could not hold on to the Xfinity password and username, You can reset the password by clicking on the Settings option.
4. You have to click on the Settings option that is situated on the far top of the page, or you can also select the Manage Settings option that is situated on the right-hand side. You can also scroll down and opt for the Manage Internet option and click on it.
5. After that select the Wi-Fi Network & Password option.
6. Now you have to select the Edit button.
7. If you follow those above steps accordingly, you will be able to change or retrieve the username and the password as you wish and as per your security and flexibility.

If your PC does not boot, restart it.
● At first, you have to Sign in or log in to your personal Google account.
● Then you can download the Xfinity app onto your personal device.
● Now you will have to sign in or log into the option of My Account in the Xfinity app.
● After that, you have to select the Internet option which is situated on the bottom of the navigational menu.
● After that, you can click on the specific image which you want to edit in your individual Gateway option.
● At last, you can click on the Show WiFi settings option so that you can view the information and then click the change WiFi Settings options in order to modify the settings.

If you are someone who wants to use the same interface on a mobile phone then you can follow the below procedure. As an alternative to run xfinity app on your computer, you will have to install Bluestacks on our PC as it will emulate the Android ecosystem on your computer.

-> Open Your web browser
-> Go to the URL: and hit enter
-> On the screen, click on Transfer Bluestacks
-> From the transfer page, you have to click the download button. On a windows system, the .exe file will get downloaded and a better option will be to make a separate folder for your bluestacks files. Once the software has been downloaded, you need to click on bluestacks installer as a .exe file.

The created file shall begin the process of extraction to the place where it was meant to be. To open the installation, click on “Install Currently”. As far as the time of installation is concerned, the process may take up to 3 to 6 minutes according to the RAM of your computer.

Follow the below steps to go ahead:
-> Sign Up using your Google Account
-> Go to Xfinity website and download the application on your local system
-> Log into the Xfinity My Account App
-> You will see a navigation menu, Click on “Internet”
-> You will see a separate Gateway which you can edit
-> See for Wi-Fi settings and save the settings.

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