How do millennials choose engagement rings?

Choose Engagement Rings

Millennials are revolutionising weddings; every aspect of the big day has changed in recent years, starting right at the proposal. Engagement ring shopping is not what it was years ago and everything about the process is approached by millennials in a fresh and different way. Millennials view marriage differently to baby boomers and research suggests that they tend to get married later in life, giving priority to other life aspects such as owning a property.

Consequently, couples might have longer engagements so the proposal itself, as well as the ring chosen, should be aesthetically pleasing yet also have sentimental meaning. Here are just five key considerations that millennials make when it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring for their partner:

Choose Engagement Rings

1. Ethically conscious couples

Millennials tend to be more ethically and environmentally conscious about many aspects of their lives and engagement ring shopping is no exception. As consumers, millennials are very conscientious about what they buy and are actually willing to spend more money on items that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Diamond rings can be ethically problematic as mining them can be bad for the environment as well as the rights of the workers find them. This is why many millennials are opting for conflict-free diamond rings. One way they do this is by ensuring a jeweller is the Kimberley Process approved. This ensures that diamonds are more ethically sourced.

2. A meaningful design

Simple wedding bands were the engagement ring of choice in the past and more significance was placed on the price and luxuriousness of the ring itself rather than the meaning behind it. When it comes to choosing an engagement ring as a millennial, more emphasis is placed on the sentiment behind the ring; the actual price is not important as long as each detail of the ring is significant to the couple.

As such, engaged couples aim for a completely unique ring design with colourful gems and intricate detailing. In order to achieve this, many Millennials choose to design their own ring and even opt for personalised engraving on the ring itself.

3. Virtual shoppers

Entering a high-end jeweller and browsing their collection of engagement rings used to be the only way to purchase a ring for your loved one; now this is less conventional and is even considered to be outdated. It turns out that you really can buy everything online, as more and more millennials are turning to the internet for their engagement rings. The internet makes it easy to research rings and there are so many more options to choose from. Millennials no longer dread the thought of their loved one catching them exiting the jewellers, as the online world allows engagement ring shopping to be more discreet. Best of all, you can make all of the tricky design decisions from the comfort of your bed.

4. Rings that are more saleable

Gone are the days when an engagement ring would become a family heirloom, passed through generations. Now, more value is placed on the saleability of an engagement ring. It’s estimated that 4 out of 10 millennials would sell their engagement rings, with 55% of young people saying they would sell sentimental jewellery in order to invest in other aspects of their lives; buying a property and travelling the world is considered to be of higher monetary value than keeping material possessions.

As such, there is a greater significance placed on gemstones and bands that will increase in value so that there is potential to gain some prophet from selling on an engagement ring.

5. Back to tradition

You might assume that millennial engagement rings are flashy and alternative but this isn’t always the case. For some, the desire to have a unique ring design involves going back to the simplicity of the past. More millennials are choosing yellow-gold wedding bands that used to be the traditional ring of choice in the late 20th century, before being overtaken in popularity by silver rings.

Engagement rings have become as valuable as the wedding bands itself. With the growth of social media influences, rings have become more than just a piece of jewellery but a statement. Millennials truly do have some great ideas when it comes to engagement ring shopping; the jewellery they choose tends to be unique as well as more ethically considered. Have you been inspired to change the way you shop for your own engagement ring? We love to hear your thoughts on how you choose your engagement rings. Share your stories below.

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