Tips on Keeping your Wedding Ring in Good Condition

Wedding Ring

Your wedding ring, regardless of the design, the number of stones, the diamond’s shape and cut, is a valuable piece of jewelry with its own value. It is more than just a reminder of your and your partner’s memories and experiences before marriage, but also the new stories and commitments.

Wedding rings have their own sentimental values that their owners would want to keep them in pristine condition. Some couples pass them down, adding more value to them, to their children or grandchildren.

Tips to Keep Wedding Ring in Good Condition

To ensure that your wedding ring won’t deteriorate or accumulate dirt, follow the five tips below to maintain your wedding ring in pristine condition.

Clean Your Wedding Ring

Clean your wedding ring once every two weeks to keep the dirt from accumulating since you’ll likely be wearing your ring every day. You can use warm water, some mild dishwashing liquid, and a soft toothbrush to disturb the dirt buildup.

Should you feel uneasy in personally cleaning the ring, you can opt to bring it to your jeweler every six months for thorough cleaning.

Have Your Trusted Jeweler Check the Ring

Your jeweler has the expertise to identify any potential problems in your ring that might need immediate attention. Loose settings, broken prongs, worn metal, and bent rings can be fixed as long as they are spotted.

If you ever wish to learn how to clean your ring at home efficiently, you can ask your jeweler for some DIY tips.

Take the Ring Off When Needed

Wedding rings may be worn every day, but you shouldn’t wear yours every time. Wearing your ring while doing the dishes is dangerous as it can not only expose the ring to grease but also risk losing it down the drain after slipping from your slippery fingers.

Taking the wedding ring off when working out, tending to the garden, and swimming keeps them from deteriorating through wear and tear through such activities, prolonging their lifespans.

Storing Your Diamonds Separately

It is advisable to store wedding rings separately even when taking them off only for a short amount of time. Storing your and your partner’s rings in one place might scratch the metal band and the stone. Diamond jewels are especially so since they can scratch other diamonds.

Get Your Ring Insured

The sentimental value of your wedding ring was only attained after you purchased it, allowing you to have it as a reminder of the love between you and your partner. Even if you didn’t spend on it since you inherited yours, they’re still worth a lot of money. Should you lose your wedding ring or get it severely damaged, you can face financial stress that would have you lose more money for a replacement.

Getting your valuable wedding ring insured keeps you from worrying about the costs concerning your ring. Most insurance providers even replace your lost or damaged wedding ring with that of the same kind and quality.

Your wedding ring is an invaluable piece of jewelry that reminds you of the love between you and your partner as well as the promises and commitments you made to one another and keeping your ring in top condition keeps it from losing value and giving the impression that it isn’t much.

Wedding Ring in Good Condition

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